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Winter Driving Tips

Top tips for driving in the snow

With winter setting in, driving can become more hazardous when you’re out on the roads. Here are our top tips when it comes to making sure you’re at your safest when getting behind the wheel.

With poor weather conditions and lighting being compromised due to seasonal weather, the battery in your car can be taxed more than usual. It is always good to have the car battery checked, and replaced if necessary, and doing it now will save you being caught short at the side of the road.

Tyres are important when it comes to managing roads that are slippery from wet or icy conditions. Like the battery, it is good to have your tyres checked to make sure that the tread isn’t worn down. You can also have your car fitted with special winter tyres if you’ll be driving regularly on roads with adverse driving conditions.

Antifreeze can also save you a considerable amount of money in the long run. This costs only a few pounds to buy but will save you the time, cost and hassle of replacing an engine that has frozen. Make sure that you have antifreeze in your car, with a 50/50 ratio between antifreeze and water.

When it comes to winter driving, visibility is key. Take the time to ensure that your windscreen is clean and clear, allowing time to demist, deice and remove snow from both the windscreen and the roof. Low winter sun is a daily nuisance when it comes to driving, so it may be worth having a set of sunglasses handy, if your sun-visor cannot provide adequate cover.

When it comes to winter driving, you don’t want to be caught out in the cold, so make sure you’re prepared and follow our tips to make sure you get from A to B safely.

Winter Driving Tips

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  1. Hyo says:

    Great post, really enjoyed it!
    — Hyo

  2. Jeanine Ward says:


    I have a CMAX 2010 reg:- this is a mobility car and my son is dependent on it, unfortunatley this is the 2nd car I have leased. Why do they let me down when we have snow, the first model allowed me to turn off the ABS this new model 2010 has not got hsi facility-it is like driving Bambi. It either stops its engine-which is dangerous or skids in the snow- therefore making it dangerous to drive, please tell me thre is a magic button somewhere to turn off the ABS.

    Jeanine Ward

  3. Jeanine Ward says:

    Sorry not ABS- ESP

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