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Patented Ford Technology

In the manufacture of its comprehensive range of vehicles, the Ford Motor Company uses an enormous number of patented and non-patented technologies, including its own unique trade secrets, know-how, processes and procedures. These are all managed by its wholly-owned subsidiary, Ford Global Technologies, LLC, based in Dearborn, Michigan, USA. Many of these are available to other licensed users, both inside and outside the automotive industry.

These technologies include such subjects as vehicle roll stability control (RSC), hydrogen internal combustion engine (Hydrogen ICE), adaptive front lighting, active night vision and fuel economy minder (FEM), glow-in-the-dark emergency boot release handles and ergonomic software.

If you have the misfortune to be involved in an accident, you will be reassured by Ford’s technologies in the following fields: driver alert warning systems, dual-chamber airbags, crash-detachable front chassis sub frames, inflatable seat belts, collision safety systems, head restraint and knee airbags, deployable (inflatable) roll bars for roof expansion upon roll-over, and various new safety restraint systems.

Automotive engineers, and those with a more technical interest, will be aware of Ford technologies in areas such as air plasma coating for direct bonding to glass, plastic forming, coating a substrate for adhesive bonding, machining of work pieces with CO2 coolant, ultrasonic welding (USW) and crankshaft bearing sleeve technology.

Ford also employs a vast array of engine and powertrain-related technologies, including six-speed transmission technology, diesel engine after-treatment and emission particulate filter technology, electrohydraulic and electromagnetic technologies, and variable cam timing and oil flow systems for engine cylinder-heads.

Drivers of Ford vehicles can have peace of mind that the research and development going into their motors is an ongoing process, and they are benefiting from the very latest, world-beating technology.

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