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New Ford Mondeo 2013

The All-New Ford Mondeo Review

The Ford Mondeo has come a long way since its arrival in 1993. Sporting a sleek, streamlined profile, more angular headlights and a wider front grille, the new Ford Mondeo 2013 looks altogether more aggressive and masculine.

Ford hasn’t just focussed on looks though. One of the primary aims for the new vehicle has been to reduce emissions, and the brand has successfully done that using its EcoBoost engine technology. The small, 1.0-litre variant delivers a confident 123bhp and slashes emissions to just 125g/km, putting it firmly in a lower tax bracket, which will impress fleet managers. The other options include a diesel unit and a hybrid with a 2.0-litre petrol engine and 35kW lithium-ion battery.

In terms of practicality, the new Mondeo is much as it ever was – a spacious interior seats front and rear passengers comfortably and a generous boot means going away for the weekend with a large amount of luggage will prove fuss-free. A supportive driver’s seat and intuitive dash makes for a relaxing drive and complete control of all functions at your fingertips.

Speaking of driving, you can expect the same smooth ride quality and balanced handling of the previous models, with a few extras such as Lane Keeping Assist and adaptive cruise control also available. The steering offers plenty of feedback and the new Mondeo is composed and confident on the open road.

On sale from late 2013, the new Ford Mondeo is expected to be a big hit with businesses and families alike.

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