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How to prepare your Tyres for Winter Conditions

Tyre in Snow

It’s a running joke that when there’s cold weather in the UK, our roads come to a standstill. But Peoples Cars have the solution to keep your everyday life running smoothly. Just as you buy scarves and hats as winter draws in, make sure you buy the necessary accessories for your car too. At Peoples Cars we provide all the winter support your car needs, including winter tyres, snow chains and snow socks.

In heavy snow and thick ice, snow chains can provide maximum traction. Peoples Cars have a large selection of sizes and varieties to fit most tyre dimensions.

For less severe weather conditions, winter tyres may be the right choice. Met Office figures indicate that last year’s winter consistently dropped below 7oC. It is below this temperature that winter tyres function at their best. They provide an improved grip on the road as they include a large percentage of soft rubber compounds. They also have more sipes than standard tyres, which increases traction in winter weather.

Peoples Cars also offer the snow sock as an ergonomic alternative. Made from specifically developed high-technology fabrics, this textile liner easily fits around the tyre to provide improved friction. They are straightforward to fit and can be effortlessly folded into storage and reused in the future.

Based in Liverpool and across Scotland, Peoples Cars has a wide range of tyres and parts to help look after and protect you and your car this winter. Take a look around our site or contact us to find out more.

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