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At a glance – the Ford range

This post is the first of two and takes a brief look at the first six models in the Ford range, side by side. Feast your eyes below!

The Ford KA

The Ford KA has tons of charm and personality. With an agile body and responsive handling, it’s a genuine joy to drive. Typically for a Ford, the car is equipped with a range of new technologies: USB connections, Bluetooth, navigation and the Intelligent Protection System.

The 0-60 time for the KA is under 14 seconds, and the engine range includes a punchy turbodiesel. Every engine is designed to reduce CO2 emissions and maintain a decent level of fuel economy – up to 68.9mpg combined.

The Ford Fiesta

The award-winning Ford Fiesta has long been a favourite of UK drivers. When you look at the quality materials and comprehensive safety throughout the car, it’s not hard to see why. Crumple zones are built into the streamlined body, and Bluetooth with voice controls is available in the plush, rearranged cabin.

Fitted with an efficient Ford engine and the EasyFuel system, the Fiesta is cleanly designed in more ways than one. Petrol and diesel versions are available, from 1.25 litres up to 1.6 litres in capacity. 0-60 is as low as 8.7 seconds, and the car’s potential top speed is 121mph.


The Ford Focus

There’s no better name for the iconic Ford Focus. It has a purposeful look and the technology to back it up – entertainment and navigation systems are standard. The ‘Kinetic Design’ refresh of the model has added new bi-xenon headlights, soft-touch upholstery and individual air conditioning.

Boasting a fuel tank of up to 60 litres, the Focus has an impressive level of fuel economy. It uses a PowerShift six-speed gearbox and a robust engine, supported by comprehensive safety features, on each journey. Diesel and petrol engine options are provided for drivers to choose from, with Easy Fuel to prevent the wrong kind of fuel from entering the tank.


The Ford Focus ST

The Ford Focus ST is the race-inspired partner to the standard model. Equipped with aluminium pedals, sports gauges and a brand new steering wheel, it’s finished with a unique body styling kit.

With a 2.0-litre EcoBoost engine, the Focus ST reaches 154mph from a 0-60 time of only 6.5 seconds. It has a low, purposeful growl and surprisingly frugal fuel consumption. The new model keeps all of the best technologies from the base Focus, and adds Active City Stop for responsive braking in traffic.


The Ford B-MAX

Built to take on anything life throws at it, the Ford B-MAX is a confident MPV. It’s been updated with new headlights and alloys, and ‘invisible’ pillars that create even more cabin space. As you’d expect from a Ford, it’s fitted with the Intelligent Protection System to keep you safe on the road.

Petrol and diesel engines are available for the model, matched with a five-speed manual gearbox. 0-60 is around 13 seconds on the way up to 117mph, and Ford’s Smart Regenerative Technology sends power back into the vehicle every time you brake.


The Ford C-MAX

The Ford C-MAX has an instantly recognisable one-piece panoramic roof, and it stands out on the road as a premium estate. It’s fitted with Fold Flat seats for enhanced boot space, sliding side doors, and a huge number of safety features.

The six-speed gearbox in the C-MAX can be chosen with Durashift for the first time. Alongside one of Ford’s economical engines, it works to keep every ride smooth and economical. The model’s 55.4mpg combined is an alluring benefit for any driver.

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